Pretty amazing isn’t it?  Barnaby Joyce, our beloved and internationally admired beetroot,  is sick of people talking to him about the same sex marriage, non-binding taxpayer funded opinion poll postal survey and LNP-internal-ruction-soothing mechanism.  

Well, Barnaby, you voted FOR this process.  Barnaby is a politician, he represents the people of an electorate, he’s a public figure, so he can’t really be that surprised that a decision he took is a topic of some debate and that some people want to express their views about it – even to him.  

Speaking of the marriage survey, I was reminded this morning that Lyle Shelton, the head honcho of the Australian Christian Lobby, once said if there was a vote in favour of same sex marriage, one of his biggest fears was that he’ be mistaken for a gay man.  

Which particular gay man he didn’t make clear.


Terry Grosvenor-Jones is a former public servant who has worked in the highest echelons of the Federal Government. He know’s a thing or two about the NBN, communications in general and has first hand experience of many high profile pollies and the soap opera called government. When the shit hits the fan you can bet he’ll have something to say about it.