If you are thinking of buying your first classic car, Peter Sara has proven you can get a reliable and classy automobile for less than $1000.

He paid just $900 for his 1974 Mercedes Benz sedan.

Yes, that’s right, $900.

“Who could resist it at that price?” Peter said.

Not only did he get a bargain, the car came with all its history, including the original sales receipt.

The log book was there too, all filled out in meticulous detail by the previous owner, since new.

”Mercedes cars of this era are over-engineered and of high quality” he said.

“So I got a safe, reliable classic car, with a four-speed automatic transmission, power steering, four wheel disc brakes, inertia reel seat belts and leather seats.

“It sits outside and starts every time. What more could you ask?”

Our research shows that mid-1970s Mercedes Benz are probably the best value in the market at the moment.

They are a perfect starter car for someone new to the old car hobby.

You might not be as lucky as Peter, but good four-door sedans can be had for less than $3000.

Svelte two-door coupes run to $5000, but that’s a bargain when compared to a Holden Monaro of the same vintage.

Surprisingly, comparable Kingswood or Falcon sedans from that time are not as cheap as you might think.

Prices start around $5000 for really poor examples of these home grown vehicles.

At that price they are likely to need lots of work.

At the top end of the market we’ve seen sellers asking $35,000 for a Kingswood.

Definitely not your first time classic.

David Burrell is the editor of retroautos.com.au


David Burrell is founder and editor of Retroautos.com.au, a free online classic cars magazine. Dave has a passion for cars and car design. He's also into speedway, which he's been writing about since 1981. His first car was a rusted-out 1961 Vauxhall Velox. His daily driver is a Pontiac Firebird. Prior to starting Retroautos, David was an executive in a Fortune 500 company, working and living in Australia, NZ, Asia, Latin America and the UK.