Perth, early 1970s.
Dad’s car was the mighty Volkswagen Beetle.
His dad lived in Freo and one particular road had a roller coaster style to it.
Set of lights at the top and bottom end and on one particular run we pulled up next to a car that I hadn’t seen before.
I was maybe six.
Asked dad what it was? He said it was a Monaro.
Me being six naturally had it immediately pegged as a car he should have bought.
A couple of years later I said to him why don’t we buy one?
Dad bought a beige and white HT Kingswood with a trusty red 186 six instead.
It looked a bit like a Monaro . . . a little bit . . .
perth and the trusty kingswood - kingswood - Perth and the trusty Kingswood


Dave Conole hails from Perth where he co-hosted a car show on one of the city's major community radio stations. Although he's had formal training in stage, TV, and film, it's his face for radio that gave him his start in the automotive field, both reviewing and motorsport commentary. After moving to Sydney in 2004, Dave has worked for some of Australia's biggest media groups and is the anchor commentator at Sydney Motorsport Park. This has lead to anchoring major events such as the Top Gear Festival (and, no, he didn't get punched by Jeremy).