Samantha and John are both proud members of the Porsche Club of America. 

They love the brand so much that the pair from Charlotte, North Carolina, are trekking down to Atlanta, Georgia, for their wedding.


That’s where the Porsche Experience Centre is located, and it’s where they’ll tie the knot while sitting in the rear seat of a Cayenne . . . while it’s being flogged on track.

This marks the first wedding for the centre in Atlanta.

The ceremony will feature two main events. The first will see Samantha and John hopping into the rear seat of a Cayenne. A driver will then take off around the 1.6-mile development track and aim for a consistent 70 mph. That’s when the loving couple will say their “I do’s.”

After that, a traditional ceremony will be held on the grounds of the 27.7-acre facility, according to BizJournals.

The family and friends of the happy couple will join them, but not on the track. How cool would that be, though? A wedding incorporating some manner of club or spec racing would be one of the all-time greats.

Porsche is using this wedding as a test event. It wants to see how the facility handles such a momentous occasion, and it could lead to other grand events down the road.

A second US Porsche Experience Centre is located in Los Angeles, so that gives Porsche two locations to host parties in addition to teaching owners about the handling characteristics of their cars.

A wedding is an expensive proposition, and this one is likely not cheap, though Porsche may be footing at least part of the bill.

If the bill looks anything like a Porsche options list, we can imagine the possibilities.

If you want colour-matched silverware, that’s a charge.

Carbon fibre or suede-covered chairs? Upcharges. Porsche Design jackets for the groomsmen? Very expensive. The alcohol may be free, but the cups could be massively expensive.

We joke, and we’re a bit jealous.

A wedding at a Porsche Experience Centre would be a hell of a time. Samantha and John are racing into their new life in the best way possible.

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